Best Kids' TV Shows on Amazon Prime Instant Video


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Looking for awesome kids' TV shows you can watch on demand? Amazon Prime members have instant access to this list of winning kids' TV shows, as well as oodles of great movies. From kid- friendly cartoons to laugh-out-loud comedies, there are plenty of options for the entire family. If you're not a Prime member or want more options, check out Amazon's Instant Video library for hundreds of popular shows available to rent. Many of these shows have multiple seasons available, so be sure to create screen-time rules to prevent kids from binge-watching. Check back here often for regular updates!


Parents need to know that Ready Jet Go! is a science-based series that teaches kids about astronomy and technology through the experiences of a young alien who's taken up residence on Earth with his family. Concepts such as force and energy are defined and given practical examples within the context of the stories, and kids see how the characters' curiosity yields many learning opportunities. There are strong messages about teamwork and friendship, and there's some diversity among the characters. Jet's friends do keep their space travels hidden from their parents, so it's worth talking to them about if and when it's appropriate to keep secrets from grown-ups.


In READY JET GO!, Jet Propulsion (voiced by Ashleigh Ball) and his family leave their home planet of Boltron 7 to pose as earthlings and experience the planet up close. Jet quickly befriends neighborhood kids Sean (William Ainscough) and Sydney (Dalila Bela), both of whom have a passion for science and are eager to swap knowledge with Jet. Together they explore how things work on Earth, both scientifically and with regard to human relationships. In some cases, they also get to hop aboard Jet's family's van, which doubles as a spacecraft that takes them to the outer reaches of the solar system to visit other planets.


Thoroughly engaging and packed with educational content, this exceptional series is a fun way for kids to learn about science and astronomy. Jet's excitement for the human experience is matched only by Sean and Sydney's eagerness to learn all about outer space; put the three of them together, and it's a true celebration of the joy of discovery. Whether it's executing a rescue mission for a Mars rover or combining daily chores with experiments in force, Jet and his friends have a lot to teach kids through their own experiences.

On the more humorous side, Jet's parents' learning curve is filled with funny misunderstandings of the human ways of things, and both kids and parents will have a lot of fun watching them get the hang of "throwing a salad together" and understanding the "string" part of beans. Their Amelia Bedelia-like follies are good for some laughs, but they also reflect the challenges of immersing yourself in a culture that's different from your own.