15 of the best science apps for preschoolers through teens: Back-to- School tech guide


Cool Mom Tech
September 6, 2016

We parents know that science is everywhere and why it’s so important. So we always love tracking down some of the best science apps for kids each year, to show kids how fun science can be, and how it’s a part of pretty much everything they already do and see.

The focus on STEM in the past few years has given rise to incredible products and apps for kids to explore science from a very young age. But it’s likely that our pick’s for this year’s
best science apps for kids will answer many of them, and provoke many more, too. We’re betting a lot of parents will also learn a thing or two.

Recommended ages: 3-5

Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer app

Fans of this PBS KIDS series will be excited to spend more time with Jet on the small screen, exploring space, planets and learning about constellations through fun activities. And similar to one of our favorite astronomy apps, Starwalk, kids can point the app to the sky on a starry night and figure out if what they’re seeing really is the Big Dipper or Orion’s Belt.

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