Concept: Based on the award-winning and bestselling novel GOOD SAM by Dete Meserve. Ten seemingly random people in Los Angeles just found $100,000 sitting on their porches. No one knows where the money came from or why. When seasoned TV news reporter Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar) starts asking questions, this feel-good story becomes a mystery. How far will Kate go to identify the generous soul known as “Good Sam,” who doesn’t seem to want to be found?

With all the imposters, red herrings, and even an attraction to one of her “suspects,” Kate finds herself questioning everyone’s motives—those of strangers, her family, and even her own. The most dangerous thing Kate can do is lower her guard and let herself believe. But “Good Sam” has started something in the world: change. And Kate won’t just find the story of a lifetime, she might live it, too.

Premieres on Netflix worldwide on May 16, 2019. Adapted for the screen by Dete Meserve and Teena Booth. Directed by Kate Melville.  

Good Sam Book Trailer